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"Hugely enjoyable pounding, stomping, riffing, rough-hewn, piano-driven R&B from the soulful Wilkinson, ripping it up all the way from Atlanta, Georgia."- London'a Time Out


"Sue Wilkinson has a gorgeous voice, no doubt, like some shimmering symphony of nature."- Creative Loafing


"Through bursts of "rockin' R&B" from her acoustic piano and soul-stimulating vocals, Wilkinson not only dissects every dirty emotion, but she wallows around in them until the fear of that emotion is erased. Of course, just when tears begin to well up in the corners of your eyes, Wilkinson throws out a song so fun and playful that you're compelled to leave the seat and groove to the beat."-Citysearch


"Ana Popovic... could be fighting for space in a crowded field, given the amount of blues women around: Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, and the excellent Sue G. Wilkinson."- Blues Matters (United Kingdom)


"She hits rapid-fire intros, takes improvised solos, plays like mad, and it's a pleasure, an inspiration, and a 'how does she do that?' to listen to."-GoGirl's Music


"...One of the most legitimate female blues voices in the history of the genre!"- Benjamin New, Duly Consider


 Sistah's Place Magazine (March 2016)

Journalist Letrise Carter from Sistah's Place interviews with Sue Wilkinson about her history and style. Audio recording available on website. 


 Empowering and Inspiring Women Globally- The Duo, Cyprus South (July 2014)

Author Diana Belle Rose talks with Sue and former band member Mike about their influential global experiences. 


The Unforgettable Ambient Sounds of Sue G. Wilkinson and Michael Cady (Cyprus South)- JamSphere (March 2014)

Independent Indie Magazine author Rick Jamm explores the talent of Sue and former band member Mike Cady.